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the podcast space in shanghai jing'an

i grew up recording on a radio cassette, overwriting the tape over and over again. when i was four years old i was intrigued about recording myself and others to preserve their voices.


i have spent most of my life in Chile, followed by China. i studied an mba in marketing and a Ph.D. in engineering sciences and after arriving in Shanghai i became a freelancer focusing on documenting what my new friends were creating; generating content for them and their companies, and memories for me. today those memories live on my YouTube channel.

underground stories

one of the moments that marked my life was when i podcasted for the first time: it was the moment when i discovered the power of human voice.

video games stories

throughout the years, i have been searching for the right place to create without being able to find it; so i decided to build it. this is kochmedia podcast space: place for podcasters to create.


camilo koch, founder